In need of cash to satisfy present bills

The curiosity on city mortgage absorbs better than three-fifths of the municipality’s annual earnings, and it’s admittedly exhausting pressed to fulfill the standard expenditure out of the stableness of some £8000. At events the municipality has been in want of money to fulfill current payments. The mortgage, nonetheless, has been spent to learn. The waterworks alone worth £80,000, and the stableness of the mortgage was employed throughout the constructing and instruments of most people schools, the town library, and the municipal workplaces. I should assume it terribly attainable that these diverse enhancements might need put money into the pockets of the primary personages throughout the metropolis together with any frequent revenue they might have derived from them as members of the group. As I’ve said sooner than, the same old of public accountability is simply not as extreme in Bulgaria because it’s with us.

Nonetheless, I can see no proof regardless of that, even making allow-ance for a certain amount of specific individual jobbery, city didn’t get full value for its money. The good bulk of the town debt has been incurred in undertakings which might be extra more likely to present remunerative finally, and which might be very important, if not vital, to the welfare of city. What’s true of Philippopolis is true, I acquire, as a rule, of the other municipalities. There might need been errors, ineffective outlay, and a certain amount of leakage ; nevertheless, within the main, the money borrowed has been properly spent. The private dwellings which have sprung up throughout the new quarters have, throughout the good majority of circumstances, been constructed by their householders, not by the municipalities, and so far the native authorities have erred reasonably in the easiest way of suspending important enhancements out of motives of financial system than of carrying them out regardless of worth. The indebtedness of the cities is a matter deserving strict consideration, nevertheless as a lot as the present it doesn’t furnish set off for extreme alarm.

Philippopolis seems to me the brightest and most cheerful

In numerous respects Philippopolis seems to me the brightest and most cheerful of any Bulgarian metropolis I’ve visited. Nonetheless, this brightness is detrimental reasonably than constructive. In Philippopolis, as elsewhere, there’s hardly any amusement supplied for most people. There isn’t a such factor as a present of each wealth or luxurious. There will not be any places of leisure, and by 9 o’clock at night city is quiet, the streets are well-nigh deserted, and the caf<6s, which might be even smaller and shabbier than these of Sofia, are left empty. An English nation metropolis after nightfall is a scene of untamed dissipation in distinction with the Roumeliote capital.




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